Sex Magic Suicide

SEX MAGIC SUICIDE is an immersive installation that utilizes multi-sensory experience as its central concept. Composed of mirrors, transparent elements, and segmented spaces, the work prompts viewers to reconsider their habitual modes of visual perception. The presence and movement of the audience activates the experiential potential of the space, as reflections and refractions disrupt conventional visual engagement.

While abstract, the title correlates directly to the transformative journey the piece offers. “Sex” symbolizes generative visual encounters, “magic” represents the metamorphic nature of these encounters, and “suicide” signifies the departure from established perceptual norms. 

The dynamic, interactive nature of the work moves beyond passive spectatorship. It encompasses the interplay between audience movement and environmental response, underscoring seeing as an active, embodied, interpretive process. The installation critiques and expands the boundaries of sensory perception, framing vision as an active, transformative event.

Latex paint, wood, mirrors, plexiglass, and xerox print
144 x 120 inches