Twenty-Four in London is the evolution of my Twenty-Four series, in which Amory explores the life of a city within a 24-hour window, choosing 24 locations to represent each hour of the day. Previous installments included Twenty-Four in San Francisco at the Sandra Lee Gallery and Twenty-Four in New York City at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

This particular series involved over a month of research and observation, taking in the length and breadth of the nation’s capital by bicycle and documenting over forty locations with more than fifty hours of video and hundreds of photos at each place. From Kensington and Wimbledon to Hackney and Brixton, each painting portrays a localised arena featuring a diverse demographic of the city dwellers including night clubbers, commuters, school children and traders all going about their daily routine. Each unique setting is quietly and calmly depicted through brushstrokes and scenic anticipation. Harnessing the power of social media to obtain recommendations on potential locations, Amory has selected sites not only for their historical relevance to this global mecca but moreover for the impact each site has on locals and ability to visually communicate a narrative about the vicinity and its inhabitants.