Waiting #121

Oil on wood panel
30x30 inches

American contemporary artist Brett Amory best known for his Waiting series, a body of work that has spanned the last decade documenting figures and landscapes in the Bay Area will debut a new collection in Waiting 101 at Outsiders Gallery in Newcastle, UK on April 15, 2012. The compositions in the exhibition focus on Amory’s newfound relationship with technology and the implicit freedom it allows in his work. Having delved into documentation methods which new modes of ambulatory technology offer, Amory experienced a metamorphosis in his painting preparation and application. With intimate firsthand knowledge of the many ways that technology can affect the lives of those it touches, Amory explores the avenues it has opened up for him as an artist in Waiting 101.
Photography applications with sophisticated software such as Instagram have allowed Amory to expand the scope of his series by being able to capture critical moments that strike him as they unfold, “Now that I always have a camera on hand with my iPhone, I am able to capture what I see and experience day in and day out. Every morning I wake up and walk to the cafe for a cup of coffee. On my way to the cafe I see the same people following their own routines. New technology allows me to document these people as they go about their lives. Capturing the people I see everyday in my neighborhood on film and later on canvas, is really a documentation of what I see and do on a daily basis. This body of work aims to give the viewer a look into my own experience on a daily basis and hopefully open up an avenue of deeper personal exchange between myself and the viewer.” Inspiration has never been so easy to manipulate and document, and Amory expertly wields the tools available to him with the intent of maintaining and evolving the series that has garnered him international acclaim.
Prior to Amory’s use of the camera phone, his process involved painstaking research and meticulous stake-outs at chosen locations with the hope of capturing a moment and individual suitable to his artistic vision. With the modern software now in his employ, Amory has the world at his fingertips as evidenced in Waiting 101 and his compositions show a radical departure from historical works in their obvious spontaneity yet remain true to his unequivocally distinct technique.

"Waiting #121" by Brett Amory